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Foto von Nicolai JosuttisWe live in the age of globalization. That also applies to IT systems. More and more, business requirements cover multiple systems inside a company or even between companies. And with each requirements different systems are involved, so that we always have different "product owners." Thus, IT development no longer means the development and maintenance of a single system. Today, IT development means the maintenance of different system landscapes, which differ with each requirement.

For software development this leads to different patterns and rules, which often contradict what we have learned for single IT systems. Redundancy, for example, becomes a good property and we have to support copy-and-paste. On the other hand, overall data and object models reach their limits. In the past, many projects trying to establish "business object models" ("BOM's") failed. And now we have the same problem with "CDM's" ("common data models" or "canonical data models"). In a global world you can't win the fight for harmonization. That doesn't mean that harmoization and standardization is a bad thing. However, it is a recipe for disaster to require harmonization and not being prepared for heterogeneity and diversity.

But how to prepare for integration in a heterogeneous system landscape?
Which operational steps are useful to find the right balance between synergy effects and flexibility?

These are the key questions in my day-to-day work. By applying concepts of SOA (service oriented architecture), we can find appropriate approaches to deal with new requirements in system landscapes. Note that I talk about concepts and principles, not tools. You can't buy SOA. Projects that tried just to apply SOA (with some consulting) failed, which is one reason that SOA as a term is "dead". But the problem remains; so let it call system integration or integration architecture, instead.

Regarding this topic you can get:
Inhouse Trainings about SOA and Integration Architectures
Books, such as "SOA in Practice"
Consulting, Reviews, and Support for Technical Management
Information about the SOA Manifesto

Use my competence and experience, to find appropriate solutions and processes for your concrete projects. My major focus is on bringing solutions into operations, including dealing with customers, quality assurance, and operations ("don't trust those, who only design").

Your advantage is my independence. I don't have to sell tools or man power. And I can see the whole picture, even in different domains, such as finance, automobile, telecommunications, and manufacturing.

Whether as technical project manager, release manager, team lead or system architect, whether as coach, moderator, reviewer or catalyzer, whether on demand or continuously - just call me and I can help!


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